Average Vehicle Speed around Gatambe Junction, Kandy

The Kandy city is located on a mountainous terrain surrounded by the Mahaweli River by 3 sides and the other side by the Hantane range of hills all of which creates natural transport barriers to reach the city from outside. Kandy is the capital of the Central Province and is also a national transport node. The Kandy City was declared as a Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1988 and it is a popular destination for both foreign and local tourists.

The roads, Colombo-Kandy (A001), Kandy-Jafna (A009) and Kandy-Mahiyangana-Padiyathalawa (A026) brings the majority of the vehicular traffic to the city. The Gatambe junction is located on the A001 road about 4km away from the city center.

Out of 56,000 vehicles arriving daily to the Kandy city, the south-western approach (across Gatambe Junction) brings around 21,000 vehicles per day2.

The speed of the vehicles traverse through the Gatambe junction is varying during the day and the week. You can observe the variation of the speed during the day and the week from the following graphs.

These graphs are prepared from the travel time data obtained through the Google map direction APIs. The morning travel times are collected every day at every 15 minutes* from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM. The evening travel times are collected every day at every 15 minutes* from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. The graphs display the average speed during morning and evening times for the route mentioned below. The graphs are set to update automatically.

Route List

  • R101 – Galaha-Gatambe-Mulgampola-Girls’ High School (map)
  • R102 – Gannoruwa-Gatambe-Kandy Hospital (map)
  • R103 – Gannoruwa-Mulgampola-Girls’ High School (map)
  • R104 – Galaha-Gatambe-Kandy Hospital (map)
  • R105 – Girls’ High School -Mulgampola-Gatambe-Galaha (map)
  • R106 – Girls’ High School -Mulgampola-Gatambe-Gannoruwa (map)
  • R107 – Kandy Hospital-Gatambe-Gannoruwa (map)
  • R108 – Kandy Hospital-Gatambe-Galaha (map)
  • R109 – Haloluwa-Gatambe-Gannoruwa-Peradeniya (map)
  • R110 – Peradeniya-Gannoruwa-Gatambe-Haloluwa (map)
  • R111 – Haloluwa-Gatambe-Galaha (map)
  • R112 – Galaha-Gatambe-Haloluwa (map)
  • R113 – Haloluwa-Gatambe (map)
  • R114 – Gatambe – Haloluwa (map)

The above graphs are created from the following Google sheets.

If you are interested in collecting speed data for your own set of routes, the following article will guide you to create an automated Google Sheet to get Google Map travel time and distance.

“Automate Google Sheet to get Google Map Travel Time and Distance”


  1. Kandy City Transport Study
  2. Kandy Transport Improvement Program (KTIP)

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