PickMe Vs Uber – Unbiased review on What is better??

If you live in Colombo or Suburbs or even a Commuter for works and take taxis?? You have maybe already tried PickMe or Uber. In this review, I am trying to emphasize some of the useful tips for comparing PickMe Vs Uber .

In my point of view, comparing the Uber and PickMe is something like comparing Apple and Android. Not all the features, but the user experience and flexibility viewpoint. According to me, both PickMe and Uber Offer similar service to help people to commute easily. Even though, I am not a frequent traveler, I did experience the comments on both the Uber and PickMe along with my friends often. I would like to list out few of my findings based on that.


  • Both the apps provide facility to enter your pickup location (If the current location is not your pick-up point or location services is turned off). But in PickMe, you can even hail a taxi without providing the destination that you want to reach (You can simply tap on the skip icon).
  • Uber will give the exact estimation for your travel while PickMe is given the price range. Hence Uber is calculated their price based on the distance while PickMe is charged for congestion as a waiting charge. However, Uber is getting surcharge if you hail a taxi in a busy area. Sadly these busy areas are not appearing in user’s app.


  • Both Uber and PickMe are offering many promo codes to enter in order to obtain the promotion. To redeem a promotion Uber is following a simple way. You just have to enter the promo code under the payments tab. Entered code will remain until it gets expired or completes the offer. But in PickMe ,it bit of a tricky way. You have to enter the promo code each and every time you want to take it until it lasts. So, in that case, there were some instances users hail their taxi without applying the promo code. the ride.


  • With PickMe you can change your route or destination without giving that information to the app. But with Uber, you have to update the destination in the app in order to get the final fare calculated.
  • Both the apps send receipts after you have paid for your ride. It is giving you a fare breakdown. But Uber immediately sends you a full fare notification right after the driver has pressed ‘end trip’. So no need to remember the fare estimate given at the beginning and no room for fraud.


  • You can even close the app and do any other work until you finish your journey. The network allows you to track your ride even when you have closed the app. In fact, it even tracks your route during the ride.

As a conclusion, both the Uber and PickMe doing well with some ups and downs. In fare estimates to customer service and route tracking, Uber is in top gear. When it comes to availability and flexibility PickMe is giving super competition for Uber.

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