Sri Lanka Road Network

History of Sri Lanka Road Network

Footpath or jungle trails were the roads before inventing the wheel. The need for roads with some hard surfaces arose with the invention of the wheel and some animal-drawn vehicles. As such the roads were initially constructed to cater for the animal-drawn carts.

History of the Sri Lanka Road Network dates back to the era of ancient kingdoms. There were roads built as traveling facilities for Elephant, Horse, and infantry. According to the history, there were roads spreading from cities to rural areas. According to the Pahian, there had been well-finished roads in large ancient cities. Some roads had been built with good drainage system also. Due to several invasion and some other reasons the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka moved place to place. As a result of this changes, roads were built in those areas also.

The Kandy, the last kingdom of Sri Lanka was highly secured from invaders like  Portuguese, Dutch and British. The Kingdom of Kandy were isolated from other areas. There were no roads to access the kingdom from outside. According to the history, the kings intentionally avoided building roads to protect the kingdom from invaders. According to Robert Knox, the King Rajasignhe II had been prohibited to construct new roads or bridges across rivers and forest clearing. However due to disunion of Sinhala leaders, British were able to capture the Kingdom of Kandy and became the first European ruler of the entire country.

The British Governor Edward Barnes, around 1820 decided to build a military road connecting Kandy and Colombo. By means of this road, they were able to connect local roads in Kandy with coastal areas under their authority. Afterward, they built a road connecting Colombo and Trincomalee Harbor. The introduction of coffee cultivation also became another reason for this road development. Similarly, the current road network of Sri Lanka was started to built by the British invaders.

Classification of Sri Lanka Road Network

Sri Lanka has a well-spread road network with a total length of about 117,093km as per the year 2016. The road density is 1.8 km of roads per sq. km of land area (Source: Mid – Year Fiscal Position Report 2016, Ministry of Finance, Sri Lanka). For the management purpose, the roads are categorized as E Class, A Class, B Class, C Class, D Class, and other roads. The roads are classified according to the location and function, importance, traffic, and tonnage.

E ClassExpressways, Toll Roads
A Class (Trunk Roads)These are the roads connecting the provincial cities and major ports to each other.
B Class (Main Roads)These are roads connecting centers of district administration; such as towns with Kachcheries and courts to provincial cities or link roads connecting district administrative centers to trunk roads
C ClassAll roads other than above class that carry a heavy traffic volume.
D ClassThese roads are graveled roads
OtherMinor roads
Other Agency RoadsIrrigation, Mahaweli and Estate roads

The E, A and B class roads are considered as national roads.

Composition of Roads

According to the Road Development Authority, the total length of the national road network (A, B and E class)  is 12,379.49 km as at February 2016. The lengthwise distribution of the roads is given in the following table.

Road ClassRoad LengthLast Update
Class E169.13 km2016
Class A4,217.42 km2016
Class B7,992.94 km2016
Class C & D15,532.00 km2010
Other84,380.00 km2010
Other Agencies4000. 00 km2010
Total116,291.49 km


Road classification is a fundamental tool for road management. Categorizing roads with similar function can improve the design and maintenance of roads, transport planning, road infrastructure design, traffic, and road operation. As such Sri Lankan road network has classified as above.

Class A, class B, and class E roads, in other words, National Roads are developed and maintained by the Central Government. The Road Development Authority (RDA) manage these roads under the purview of central government.

Class C and class D roads are managed by the provincial councils. There are Provincial Road Development Authorities (PRDA) to maintain and develop these roads.

The roads classified as Other are maintained by Pradeshiya Sabha/ Local Authorities.

And there are some rods managed by Other Agencies like Mahaweli Authority, Estate and Irrigation Department.

National Road Network of Sri Lanka

The road network comprised of E, A and B class roads is called National Road Network (NRN). This is a high mobility road network which connects all important cities throughout the country. The lists of E, A and B class roads are given below.

E Class Roads (Expressways)

Route NumberRoad NameLength (km)
E001Southern Expressway124.08
E002Outer Circular Highway19.245
E003Colombo-Katunayake Expressway25.8
Total E Class Length169.13

A Class Roads (Trunk Roads)

Route NumberRoad NameLength (km)
A000Kollupitiya - Sri Jayewardenepura7.12
A001Colombo - Kandy115.85
A002Colombo - Galle - Hambantota - Wellawaya317.78
A003Peliyagoda - Puttalam126.31
A004Colombo - Ratnapura - Wellawaya - Batticaloa430.57
A005Peradeniya - Badulla - Chenkaladi275.64
A006Ambepussa - Kurunegala - Trincomalee198.71
A007Avissawella - Hatton - Nuwara Eliya118.7
A008Panadura - Nambapana - Ratnapura67.77
A009Kandy - Jaffna321
A010Katugastota - Kurunegala - Puttalam124.58
A011Maradankadawela Habarana Tirikkondiadimadu129.36
A012Puttalam - Trincomalee176.99
A013Galkulama - Anuradhapura16.64
A014Medawachchiya - Mannar - Talaimannar113.84
A015Batticaloa - Tirikkondiadimadu - Trincomalee130.86
A016Beragala - Hali-Ela40.39
A017Galle - Deniyaya - Madampe143.93
A018Pelmadulla - Embilipitiya - Nonagama87.69
A019Polgahawela -Kegalle11.67
A020Anuradhapura - Rambewa14.48
A021Kegalle - Bulathkohupitiya - Karawanella42.12
A022Passara - Moneragala34.11
A023Wellawaya - Ella - Kumbalwela30.57
A024Matara - Akuressa20.11
A025Siyambalanduwa - Damana - Ampara57.12
A026Kandy - Mahiyangana - Padiyatalawa105.23
A027Ampara - Uhana - MahaOya57.92
A028Padeniya - Anuradhapura80.52
A029Vavuniya - Horowopotana46.02
A030Vavuniya - Parayanalankulam35.8
A031Karativu - Ampara24.14
A032Navakkuli - Kerativu - Mannar98.37
A033Ja-Ela - Ekala - Gampaha - Yakkala17.02
A034Mankulam - Mullaitivu49.25
A035Paranthan - Kachchai - Mullaitivu52.13
AB001Ampara - Inginiyagala19.79
AB002Anuradhapura New Town Roads12.66
AB003Approach Road to Gampola Bridge0.48
AB004Approach Road to Kaduwela Bridge0.77
AB005Approach Road to Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital2.46
AB006Avissawella Town Road0.06
AB007Balangoda By Pass1.13
AB008Bandarawela By Pass0.51
AB009Canada Friend-ship Road2.4
AB010Colombo - Hanwella Low Level Road24.94
AB011Galle Road New Deviation (Cross Junc. to Egoda Uyana)6.98
AB012Galle - Marine Drive1.22
AB013Gampola - Nawalapitiya17.54
AB014Hospital - Esplanade road, Ratnapura1.66
AB015Inner ring Road 3.8
AB016Jaffna - Kankesanturai18.5
AB017Jaffna - Manipay - Karainagar27.21
AB018Jaffna - Palali17.3
AB019Jaffna - Pannai - Kayts19.31
AB020Jaffna - Point Pedro33.79
AB021Jaffna - Ponnalai - Point Pedro55.38
AB022Jail Road, Hambantota0.43
AB023Kalattawa - Matale Junction6.44
AB024Link Road -- Dambulla1
AB025Lion Pillar - Sri Maha Bodhi Road1.21
AB026Matale - Udupihilla6.03
AB027Old Colombo - Galle Road, Panadura1.9
AB028Old Colombo - Puttalam Road, Ja Ela0.95
AB029Pasyala - Giriulla19.31
AB030Poonakary - Sangupiddy8.85
AB031Puloly - Kodikamam - Kachchai18.91
AB032Puttur - Meesalai13.68
AB033Samanturai village Road1.85
AB034Sea Street, Galle0.16
AB035Section A - B NEW TOWN ROAD, Ratnapura1.85
AB036Thalapitiya road, Galle0.98
AB037Upper Gampola Road2.57
AB038Valachchenai - Nasavantivu - Nawaladi5.12
AB039Valukkairaru - Pungudutivu - Kurikadduwan24.54
AB040Wattala Deviation0.64
AB041Weligama By Pass4.18
AB042Getambe Kandy By Pass3.8
AB043Wellawaya By Pass1.15
AB044Mahiyangana - Dimbulagala - Dalukkane72.6
AB045Avissawela By pass0.88
AC001Approach Road to Independence Memorial1.61
AC002Bauddhaloka Mawatha (Buller's Road)2.77
AC003Central Road0.6
AC004Cotta Road up to City Limit1.37
AC005Danister De Silva Mawatha (Baseline Road)2.56
AC006D.R.Wijewardana Mawatha (McCallum Road)1.9
AC007D.S.Senanayake Mawatha (Kanatta Road)0.53
AC008Elvitigala Mawatha (Narahenpita Road - Kanatta Junc.)1.88
AC009Fifth Cross Street0.32
AC010Gas Work street0.34
AC011George R De Silva Mawatha (Skinners's Road)1.09
AC012Havelock Road - Maya Avenue Junction to Pamankada Bridge1.13
AC013Jayantha Weerasekara Mawatha (Drieberg's avenue)0.77
AC014Layards Broadway road - Barber Street to Prince of Wales Avenue0.26
AC015Lotus Road0.93
AC016Maha Vidyala Mawatha (Barber Street)0.53
AC017Main Street from Lotus road to Reclamation road0.23
AC018Maligawatta Road - Jayantha Weerasekera Mw. to Sri Saddhamma Mw.0.27
AC019Maradana Road2.59
AC020N.H.M.Abdul Cader Mawatha (Reclamation road)0.51
AC021Pamankada Road0.32
AC022Panchikawatta Road - Maradana Road to Janaytha Weerasekara Mw.0.14
AC023Part of Sri Ramanathan Mw. - (K'boam St. to Skinnders's rd. junc.)0.31
AC024Prince of Wales Avenue2.25
AC025Railway Road0.32
AC026Sea Beach Road0.45
AC027Sri Dharmarama Mawatha (Albion Road)0.48
AC028Sri Saddharma Mawatha (Ingram Road)0.88
AC029Sri Sangaraja Mawatha (Skinner's Road [South])0.93
AC030Sri Sumanatissa Mawatha (Armour Street)0.66
AC031St. Anthony's Mawatha (Kochchikade Road)0.34
AC032W.A. de Silva Mawatha (High Street)0.92
Total A Class Length4217.42

B Class Roads (Main Roads)

Route NumberRoad NameLength (km)
B001Akkaraipattu - Warapathanchenai20.92
B002Akkaraipattu - Sagamam18.5
B003Akuressa - Kamburupitiya13.27
B004Akuressa - Ketanwila5.63
B005Aladeniya - Iriyagama9.65
B006Alakolanga - Pottepitiya9.25
B007Alawatugoda - Ankumbura - Keppetigala14.79
B008Alawwa - Dampelessa14.64
B009Alawwa - Maharagama14.63
B010Allai Kantale41.03
B011Allan Avenue, Dehiwela1.96
B012Aluthgama - Wigoda8.05
B013Alvai - Nelliady - Tunnalai8.53
B014Ambalangoda - Elpitiya - Pitigala29.36
B015Ambatenne - Bokkawela - Arambekade19.9
B016Ampara Air Port Road4.83
B017Ampara Town Roads30.57
B018Ampilanthurai - Veeramunai26.38
B019Anamaduwa - Uswewa - Galgamuwa39.02
B020Ananda Avenue0.24
B021Andalla - Tissa6.63
B022Anderson Avenue0.11
B023Approach Road to Admiralty Building28.32
B024Approach Road to Aerodrome Ratmalana2.93
B025Approach Road to Laxapana Power House11.54
B026Approach Road to Midford Power House0.97
B027Approach Roads to Railway Stations17.68
B028Approach Road to Wilpattu Sanctuary7.74
B029Approach Roads to University Buildings19.31
B030Approach Roads to Public Buildings21.54
B031Arasady - Malkampiddy5.23
B032Attidiya - Mt.Lavinia2.41
B033Avarangal - Thondamanaru6.03
B034Ayagama - Kukulegama16.89
B035Badalkumbura - Buttala - Sella Kataragama56.32
B036Badulla - Karametiya - Andaulpotha48.1
B037Baladaksha Mawatha, Galle0.56
B038Balangoda - Bowatte - Kaltota28.96
B039Balangoda - Rassagala - Uwella13.26
B040Balapitiya - Watugedera3.22
B041Bandaranaika Mawatha, Galle0.56
B042Bandarawela - Liyangahawela - Poonagala21.56
B043Bandarawela - Uva Hihglands - Ettampitiya16.49
B044Bandarawela - Welimada21.72
B045Bangadeniya - Andigama - Anamaduwa38.21
B046Bar Road - Batticaloa4.67
B047Battaramulla - Pannipitiya7.29
B048Batukotuwa - Medirigiriya8.69
B049Bazaar Street, Ambalangoda1.69
B050Bazaar Street, Gampaha0.05
B051Bazzar Street and Edingburgh Street0.63
B052Bazzar Street, Vavuniya2.09
B053Beach Road Mullaitivu0.87
B054Beliatta - Walasmulla15.69
B055Bentara - Uragaha - Elpitiya26.95
B056Bibile - Medagama - Nakkala33.79
B057Bibile - Uraniya - Mahiyangana39.58
B058Biyanwila - Ganemulla8.05
B059Bo Tree Road2.01
B060Bogahawewa - Pulmuddai27.76
B061Boossa - Hegoda1.61
B062Borella - Rajagiriya (CMC Limits to Filling Station - Rajagiriya)1.3
B063Botale - Mirigama5.63
B064Bowatenna Access Road2.41
B065Bowatte - Padiwela6.44
B066Boyagama - Mandandawala2.09
B067Bulathkohupitiya - Dedugala12.47
B068Ingiriya - Halwatura - Egaloya8.85
B069Buwelikada - Lewella1.3
B070By pass road via Asgiriya0.98
B071Carolina - Norton - Wanarajah23.73
B072Cemetery Road (Gampaha)0.26
B073Chadayantalawa - Uhana11.26
B074Chavakachcheri - Kachchai6.44
B075Chavakachcheri - Puloly19.31
B076Chavakachcheri - Thannankilappu3.62
B077Chavalakadai - Chadayantalawa8.05
B078Chilaw Road, Negombo1.26
B079Chilaw - Wariyapola50.64
B080Chundikuli - Colombouthurai2.56
B081Chunnakam Power Station Road0.16
B082Circular Road Kurunegala9.84
B083Circular Road, Tangalle1.45
B084Colombo - Horana28.01
B085Cross Road - Medawachchiya0.48
B086Dambagahapitiya - Pinnagolla - Arawa - Meegahakiula13.32
B087Dambokka - Katupitiya8.85
B088Dandagamuwa - Udawela13.27
B089Danikittawa - Ambanpola22.33
B090Danowita - Mirigama8.61
B091Daulagala - Watadeniya7.45
B092Deegawapi Temple Road6.44
B093Dehiowita - Deraniyagala - Noori27.96
B094Dehiwela - Maharagama7.64
B095Delgoda - Dompe - Giridara12.07
B096Dematagoda - Wellampitiya1.93
B097Demodera - Spring Valley - Badulla21.32
B098Denegama - Mulatiyana11.26
B099Deniyaya - Viharahena8.04
B100Dickwella - Jangulla - Talpitigala24.14
B101Dikwella - Beliatte13.27
B102Diyatalawa - Aluthwela North2.81
B103Diyatalawa - Aluthwela South1.96
B104Diyatalawa - Mirahawatta6.44
B105Diyatalawa - Welanhinna - Walagahawela5.63
B106Dodanduwa - Gonapinuwala3.86
B107Dondra Light House Road1.25
B108Dunagaha - Nilpanagoda5.79
B109Edmand Mawatha, Galle4.02
B110Eheliyagoda - Dehiowita16.78
B111Ekala - Kotadeniyawa26.95
B112Elahera - Giritale39.42
B113Ella - Passara27.55
B114Elpitiya - Avittawa - Lewwanduwa27.56
B115Embilipitiya - Panamure - Bulutota38.62
B116Embilmeegama - Daulagala - Penideniya11.26
B117Eppawala - Timbiriwewa15.69
B118Eriyagama - Penideniya0.93
B119Erukkalampuddy - Causeway0.8
B120Etulkotte - Mirihana - Kohuwela5.95
B121Gadaladeniya - Paranapattiya5.23
B122Galagedara - Rambukkana18.5
B123Galagedera - Horana19.05
B124Galagoda - Weligepola7.24
B125Galaha - Pupuressa - Delpitiya (Section 2)28.96
B126Galgamuwa - Nikawewa24.54
B127Galigomuwa - Ruwanwella22.53
B128Galle - Baddegama19.31
B129Galle - Udugama36.6
B130Galle - Wakwella6.84
B131Galmadu - Muwangala - Hingurana7.64
B132Gampola - Craighead15.93
B133Ganewelpola - Dachchahalmillewa45.86
B134Gangodawila - Boralesgamuwa2.61
B135Geli Oya - Embekke4.23
B136Gevilipitiya - Hettimulla15.37
B137Ginoya - Bolawatte - Dankotuwa4.7
B138Gintota Plywood Factory Road4.51
B139Gonadeniya - Udugama4.02
B140Gravets Road5.71
B141Hakmana - Beliatte - Tangalle19.31
B142Hakmana - Meella - Talahaganwaduwa11.26
B143Halpatota - Kurundugahahetekma16.49
B144Halwatura Estate Road1
B145Hanwella Junction Road0.8
B146Hanwella - Pugoda - Weke - Urapola24.14
B147Haputale - Dambetenne9.32
B148Harangala - Kalapitiya - Kumbaloluwa23.39
B149Hatton - Maskeliya - Dalhousie32.97
B150Hedeniya - Pujapitiya8.05
B151Hendala - Hunupitiya4.02
B152Mattakkuliya Uswetakeiyawa Pinwattha7.66
B153Hikkaduwa - Baddegama - Nilhena14.88
B154Hindagala - Naranwita - Gampola15.78
B155Hingurakgoda - Yoda Ela5.63
B156Hiniduma - Opatha - Pitabeddera31.38
B157Horana - Anguruwatota - Aluthgama54.14
B158Horawela - Pelawatte - Pitigala25.74
B159Ibbagamuwa - Kumbukgete - Madagalla34.19
B160Idangoda - Ayagama13.68
B161Imbulgoda - Weliweriya4.42
B162Inamaluwa - Sigiriya9.17
B163Ingiriya - Halwatura 2.96
B164Jaffna Junction - Sri Maha Bodhi2.41
B165Kachcheri Beach Fort Road3.62
B166Kadahapola - Rambawewa18.71
B167Kadawalagedara - Vitikuliya13.84
B168Kadawata - Ragama - Welisara8.05
B169Kadawatha - Mawaramandiya3.54
B170Kadduwan - Mallakam - Chankanai11.26
B171Kadduwan - Myliddy3.72
B172Kadugannawa - Gampola17.3
B173Kadugannawa - Pottepitiya8.45
B174Kaduwela - Athurugiriya9.25
B175Kahambiliyagoda - Suriyagoda0.4
B176Kahawa - Batapola8.37
B177Kahawatte - Ela-Bemmullegedara12.23
B178Kakkapalliya - Thambagalla6.84
B179Kalagedihena - Veyangoda4.1
B180Kalalpitiya - Ukuwala - Elkaduwa13.47
B181Kalawana - Depdene - Rakwana46.66
B182Kalawewa - Avukana4.68
B183Kaleliya - Pallewela - Medagampitiya10.22
B184Kalkudah Road5.63
B185Kalkudah - Valachchenai4.42
B186Kalmunai Sea View Road1.21
B187Kalmunai - Chavalakadai4.38
B188Kaluaggala - Labugama14
B189Kalugala - Polpitiya - Laxapana11.26
B190Kalugamuwa - Wilakatupotha21.11
B191Kalutara - Nagoda5.74
B192Kandasamykovil - Kaluthaipiddy3.38
B193Kandasamykovil - Nachchimarkovil2.43
B194Kandaswamy Mawatha1.21
B195Kandy - Kirimetiya16.09
B196Kantale Perathuveli Road2.25
B197Karainagar Circular Road6.77
B198Karaiyoor Reclamation3.06
B199Karandupona - Rambukkana8.85
B200Karappikade Extension Road0.4
B201Karuwalagaswewa - Miyallewa19.31
B202Kataragama - Sella-Kataragama5.05
B203Katpaha - Pulliar Kovil Road1.61
B204Katubedde - Kospelena1.82
B205Katugastota - Madawala - Bambarella34.89
B206Katugastota - Medawela10.3
B207Katukurunda - Neboda16.49
B208Katunayake - Veyangoda22.32
B209Kebithigollewa Extension Road1.85
B210Kebithigollewa New Town Road0.97
B211Kebithigollewa - Padaviya33.79
B212Kekirawa - Ganewelpola6.95
B213Kekirawa - Talawa37.41
B214Kelaniya - Mudungoda27.76
B215Kelaniya - Wedamulla (Waragoda)3.22
B216Kesbewa - Kindelpitiya - Bandaragama11.78
B217Ketapola - Omatta - Thotupola1.61
B218Kibissa - Digampathana6.03
B219King George Avenue0.48
B220Kiribathgoda - Hunupitiya3.59
B221Kiribathgoda - Oil Refinery, Sapugaskande5.07
B222Kiriella - Nedurana - Eheliyagoda14.08
B223Kirimetitenna - Galgoda5.63
B224Kirimetiya - Yala17.17
B225Kirindiwita - Assennawatte12.87
B226Kirindiwita - Ganemulla2.82
B227Kiriyankalli - Andigama13.68
B228Kochchikade - Halpe9.46
B229Kohuwela - Dehiwela2.74
B230Kokkuvil - Vaddukoddai8.45
B231Kolonnawa - Angoda3.22
B232Kolonnawa - Yakbedde2.41
B233Kong Tree Road0.53
B234Korakahawewa - Sri Maha Bodhi4.83
B235Koralawella - Egoda-Uyana5.84
B236Koslande - Poonagala11.55
B237Kotadeniyawa - Mirigama8.05
B238Kottawa - Batemulla13.68
B239Kottawa - Talagala15.48
B240Kotte - Bope28.8
B241Kudapaduwa - Kammalturai3.01
B242Kudugala - Wattegama12.07
B243Kuliyapitiya - Hettipola15.69
B244Kuliyapitiya - Padiwela11.26
B245Kurana Road0.88
B246Kurana - Taladuwa1.85
B247Kurunegala - Narammala - Madampe64.36
B248Labuduwa - Wandurambe - Sandarawela22.12
B249Lady Macallums Drive5.63
B250Lake Road, No.1, Batticaloa0.9
B251Lewaya Road3.54
B252Lindula to end of Agras Road22.24
B253Lowland - Panaliya1.8
B254Mabima - Sapugaskanda3.22
B255Madampe - Chettiyar Street0.31
B256Madawala - Rajawella8.21
B257Madulkelle - Kabaragala - Kandenuwara20.92
B258Mahakeliya - Katupotha12.87
B259Main Access to Gam Udawa 876.39
B260Main Road to Vettappalai3.62
B261Main Street, Negombo0.43
B262Makola - Udupila8.85
B263Malabe - Kaduwela5.63
B264Mallawapitiya - Rambodagalla - Keppetigala34.59
B265Malwala - Carney14.48
B266Malwattha - Chadayantalawa5.63
B267Mampe - Kottawa6.23
B268Manipay - Kaithady13.68
B269Mankulam - Vellankulam37.81
B270Mannar Market Street - Sebastian Hospital2.33
B271Maradagahamulla - Badalgama7.64
B272Marawila - Udubaddawa19.87
B273Maskeliya - Upcot8.7
B274Matale - Illukkumbura-Pallegama46.8
B275Matara - Hakmana24.14
B276Mathagal - Pandatherippu - Sambiliturai6.61
B277Maviddapuram - Keeramalai2.94
B278Mawanella - Aranayake - Horawela14.45
B279Mawanella - Hemmaththagama - Singhapitiya25.8
B280Mawathagama - Barandara8.25
B281Mawathagama - Muwankanda8.85
B282Medawachchiya - Horowopotana37.81
B283Medawachchiya - Kebitigollewa25.74
B284Meddewatte - Kekanadure - Yatiyana14.64
B285Meepe - Ingiriya18.09
B286Middeniya - Panamure13.27
B287Minneriya - Hingurakgoda (Airport Road)8.85
B288Minuwangoda - Gampaha - Miriswatte13.27
B289Minuwangoda - Miriswatte - Katana12.63
B290Mirigama - Nalla8.21
B291Mirihana - Udahamulla - Nawinna3.38
B292Miriswatte - Waturugama10.06
B293Moneragala Town Road0.45
B294Moragaswewa - Ilukwewa10.06
B295Moratuwa - Piliyandala4.83
B297Mullaitivu - Kokkilai36.2
B298Munai Street, Batticaloa0.43
B299Murunkan - Chilawathurai15.29
B300Muttetugala - Hiripitiya18.5
B301Nadukudai Road2.41
B302Nagoda - Gallassa Colony Road3.7
B303Nagoda - Gonadeniya3.62
B304Nagoda - Kalawellawa - Bellapitiya55.51
B305Nallur - Oddumadam2.41
B306Nanu Oya - Hendeniya2.41
B307Narahenpita - Nawala - Nugegoda3.22
B308Narammala - Dankotuwa45.25
B309Narandeniya - Hakmana11.67
B310Nartupana - Warakagoda3.22
B311Nattarampotha - Yakgahapitiya2.83
B312Naula - Elahera - Pallegama - Hettipola64.37
B314Naval Camp Road0.8
B315Navanturai - Oddumadam1.21
B316Navinna - Boralesgamuwa2.41
B317Nawalapitiya - Dimbula31.18
B318Nawalapitiya - Dolosbage19.71
B319Nawalapitiya - Ginigathena12.07
B320Nayapamulla - Unanwitiya - Nagoda12.07
B321Negombo - Aluthepola14.67
B322Negombo - Giriulla37.81
B323Negombo - Kadirana3.62
B324Negombo - Mirigama30.57
B325Nelukkulam - Neriyakulam21.72
B326Nikaweratiya - Moragollagama - Siyambalangamuwa48.51
B327Nilaweli Salt Office Road1.64
B328Norton - Maskeliya16.8
B329Norwood - Bogowantalawa - Campion16.89
B330Norwood - Upcot12.71
B331Nuwara Eliya Town Road2.41
B332Nuwara Eliya - Uda Pussellawa46
B333Oddamavadi - Vahaneri9.25
B334Oddusudan - Nedunkerny10.86
B335Old Bazaar Road, Maharagama0.8
B336Old Kandy Road0.69
B337Old Road, Kattankudy7.67
B338Old Tangalle Road, Matara2.41
B339Olugantota - Pinnawala - Bogowantalawa35.14
B340ORR's Hill Road3.38
B341Outer Circular Road (Nochchiyagama)9.78
B342Padaviya - Galkulama14.67
B343Padaviya - Parakrama Pura (Bandaranayake Mawatha)10.06
B344Padiruppu - Vellaveli6.03
B345Pagoda - Pitakotte1.61
B346Palapathwela - Galewela28.16
B347Palathoppu - Seruwila Road7.82
B348Palavi - Kalladi7.24
B349Palavi - Kalpitiya40.23
B350Pallang Oya - Inginiyagala12.87
B351Pallebedde - Medaganoya - Weligepola12.47
B352Pallimunai Road1.29
B353Palugama - Boralande - Haputale26.55
B354Panagoda - Henpita6.44
B355Panama - Kumbukkana17.7
B356Pannala - Kuliyapitiya16.25
B357Paranthan - Poonakary25.74
B358Parussella - Panapitiya5.12
B359Passara - Hingurukaduwa - Pelwatte30.17
B360Passara - Madulsima - Metigahatenna29.93
B361Pasyala - Attanagalla6.84
B362Pattanwila - Makola1.8
B363Pelawatta - Kankotayawatta - Tinniyawela - Morawaka53.18
B364Peradeniya - Deltota - Rikiligaskada52.13
B365Peradeniya - Halloluwa - Katugastota10.61
B366Perkar Road2.41
B367Piliyandala - Maharagama7.37
B368Pitakotte - Talawatugoda4.23
B369Pitiyagedera - Wattegama - Iriyagastenne5.15
B370Point Pedro East Coast Road3.94
B371Point Pedro - Maruthankerny28.96
B372Police Station Circular Road, Badulla1.29
B373Poonewa - Kidavaramkulama3.22
B374Potuvil - Panama17.7
B375Power House Road - Thirugnanasampauthar1.61
B376Prison Road, Tangalle0.23
B377Pujapitiya - Alawatugoda8.05
B378Puliyadi - Irakkamam Madu10.86
B379Puttalam - Marichchikadai65.97
B380Puttur - Kantharoday12.47
B381Radaella Short Cut Road3.38
B382Ragama - Kandana4.55
B383Rakwana - Bulutota1.13
B384Rambukkana - Katupitiya9.81
B385Rambukkana - Mawanella16.89
B386Ranatunga Mawatha0.11
B387Ranna - Udayala - Weeraketiya15.69
B388Ratmalana - Borupona1.93
B389Ratmalana - Mirihana8.05
B390Ratnapura - Palawela - Karawita22.53
B391Ratnapura - Wewelwatte28
B392Rattota - Gammaduwa11.26
B393Ridigama - Liniwehera2.01
B394Roads to Kataragama Planning Scheme14.48
B395Roads to Saltern & Town Roads8.88
B396Roehampton - Diyatalawa - Bandarawela9.9
B397Sacred City Road, Nochchiyagama17.68
B398Sandilipay - Senthankulam7.72
B399Sangilithoppu - Chemmny3.43
B400Seeduwa - Udugampola11.62
B401Siyambalape - Galwalkada4.42
B402Soranapattu - Thalayadi7.48
B403South Coast Road (Thallady - Arrippu - Marrichchkadai)46.66
B404Sri Ariyavilasa Road, Horana0.5
B405Sri Somananda Mawatha, Horana0.85
B406Stony Cliff - Kotagala6.31
B407St. Joseph's Street, Negombo2.82
B408Talduwa - Meewitigammana18.9
B409Talgodapitiya - Yatawatte - Dombawala29.36
B410Tangalle - Weeraketiya14.48
B411Tawalama - Neluwa - Batuwangala9.65
B412Tawalantenne - Talawakela  33.36
B413Tennekumbura - Rikiligaskada - Ragala72.67
B414Thavadi - Suthumalai2.62
B415Thihagoda - Kamburupitiya - Mawarala - Kotapola67.58
B416Thihariya - Warapalana5.39
B417Thoandamanaru - Vallai - Tunnalai12.87
B418Thondamanaru - Udupiddy2.7
B419Thoppu - Madampe26.95
B420Thumpalai - Valalai4.83
B421Tiruwanaketiya - Agalawatte67.98
B422Tissa - Kirinde13.11
B423Tonigala - Kalawewa - Galewela45.78
B424Trincomalee - Pulmoddai55.11
B425Tudella - Pamunugama - Talahena - Negombo20.11
B426Tummodera - Puwakpitiya9.65
B427Udawalawe - Tanamalwila35.4
B428Udawela - Kumbukgahamulla1.93
B429Udugama - Hiniduma11.26
B430Udugampola - Divulapitiya14.88
B431Ulapane - Pussellawa22.53
B432Uraliyagara - Panirendawa - Villattewa14.48
B433Urani Road3.22
B434Urapola - Waturugama7.08
B435Urugodawatte - Ambatale8.05
B436Vaddukoddai - Moolai2.82
B437Vallai - Telippalai - Araly27.43
B438Vallai-udupiddy - Velvettiturai5.63
B439Varapathanchenai - Deegawapi7.64
B440Veeragoda Central Camp Road16.09
B441Velani - Kayts6.77
B442Velikulam - Mamaduwa8.05
B443Veyangoda - Banduragoda8.62
B444Veyangoda - Kaleliya7.45
B445Veyangoda - Ruwanwella32.18
B446Vijitha Road0.24
B447Vilgam Vihara Road4.18
B448Villu Road0.9
B449Wadduwa - Morontuduwa5.28
B450Walasmulla - Weeraketiya8.05
B451Walgama - Aturugiriya1.77
B452Walgama - Diyagama7.06
B453Walpola - Mailawalana9.25
B454Wandurambe - Ethumale - Yakkatuwa36.2
B455Wandurambe - Kottawa9.73
B456Warakapola - Kandalama 10.86
B457Warakapola - Ruwanwella22.53
B458Waskaduwa - Bandaragama12.07
B459Wattala - Hekitta1.56
B460Wattala - Mahara7.24
B461Wattegama - Kandenuwara - Wariyapola30.65
B462Wattegama - Matale13
B463Weeraketiya - Middeniya12.87
B464Weerawila - Tissa - Kataragama23.89
B465Weligama - Kananke9.65
B466Weligama - Telijjawila11.26
B467Weligepola - Handagiriya10.06
B468Welihena - Katana5.02
B469Welikada - Kohilawatta6.03
B470Welikada - Nawala2.57
B471Welimada - Kirklees17.83
B472Weliweriya - Kirindiwela12.87
B473Wennappuwa - Kirimetiyana5.63
B474Weragantota - Randenigala22.2
B475Bulugolla - Dombemada - Wahawa13.64
B476Weweldeniya - Mirigama6.44
B477Wewelwatte - Agarsland - Uwella9.49
B478Wilakatupotha - Ganewattha - Kumbukgete21.69
B479Yakkala - Radawana12.87
B480Yakkalamulla - Ketanwila14.48
B481Yatadolawatta Road2.82
B482Yatiyantota - Poonagala - Meenagala24.14
B483Sammanthurai - Malkampiddi - Deegawapiya14.9
B484Handungamuwa - Hettipola - Hasalaka45.05
B485Walasmulla - Katuwana - Middeniya26.15
B486Embilipitiya - Middeniya14.48
B487Atugala Road, Kurunegala1.7
B488Polonnaruwa -  Tambala - Sungawila - Somawathiya42.68
B489Roads within President's pavilion Kandy0.75
B490Atabage - Ulapane Road 7.5
B491Kotmale Dam Crest- Harangala Road1.4
B492Kandehandiya - Adikarigama - Randenigala - Loggal Oya54.4
B493Moragahamula - Victoriya Damtop8.4
B494Victoriya Damtop - Adikarigama2.3
B495Edandawela - Kahahengama2
B496Thanamalwila - Hambegamuwa(Thanamalwila - Bodagama)5.5
B49751st Mile post - Ulhitiyawa8.04
B498Barrier Junction - Girandura Kotte7
B499Kirinda - Palatupana - Yala29
B500Tissa - Akurugoda1.1
B501Andarawewa - Balaluwewa( Jeya Mawatha )52.75
B502Manampitiya - Aralaganwila - Maduru oya33
B503Makandura - Badalgama4.5
B504Maharagama - Pamunuwa - Thalapathpitiya2.4
B505Phala Eriyagama - Penideniya0.86
B506Nawalapitiya - Harangala11.52
B507Rendapola - Ambewela8.24
B508Welimade - Borelanda - Ohiya - Horton Plains 32.47
B509Kuttampokuna - Galpalama3.22
B510Kesbewa - Kosgashandiya1.7
B511Keerthibandrapura - Naranthalawa4.42
B512Blackpool Ambewela Pattipola Horton Plains28.16
B513Kumbukkana Okkampitiya maligawila15.2
B514Internal Roads in ith Sacred City Mahiyangana2.35
B515Road Parallel to halpanu Ela1.1
B516Etalai - Talawila (Jubily Mawatha)4.7
B517Dehiattakandiya - Aralaganwila21.1
B518Sangaraja Mawatha - Kandy1.76
B519Yatinuwara Veediya - Kandy0.6
B520Kande Veediya - Kandy0.11
B521Mosque Road - Kandy0.38
B522Buttala - Helagama - Okkampitiya9
B523Elpitiya By Pass0.58
B524Beach Road Matara( Matara By Pass)2.4
B525Dikwella - Wewurukannala1.87
B526Baddegama - Halpatota1.65
B527Bibile - Pitakumbura - Namal Oya - Inginiyagala60.25
B528Bodagma - Hambegamuwa - Kaltota48.2
B529Polonnaruwa - New Town Road3.6
B530Udahamulla - Thalapathpitiya2.06
B531Parliament Drive0.72
B532Approach Road to Sri Jayawardenepura Parliament0.43
B533Pelawatta Access Road0.83
B534Nawala - Pagoda Link Road0.27
B535Nilwala By pass 1.83
B536Kamburupitiya - Kirinda9.2
B537Barigama - Halloluwa5.76
B538Kahatagasdigiliya - Rathmalgahaweewa - Kivulekade24.32
B539Nelundeniya - Alawwa8.2
B540Nelundeniya - Tuntota - Galapitamada14
B541Thampalakamam - Kinniya15.6
B542Lady Manning Drive1
B543Liyods Avenu0.42
B544Moragolla - Bellana9.83
B545Approach Road to National Food Stores, Rathmalana(Kaldemulla Rd)1.37
B546New Nuga Road1.3
B547Kawdana Attidiya2.5
B548Ranna Angunakolapelessa Vatiya16.14
B549Embilipitiya - Moraketiya - Kiriibbanara - Uda Mauara16.82
B550Dharmashoka Mawatha2.76
B551Luvi Peris Mawatha0.86
B552Polonnaruwa - Hingurakgoda 13.65
B553Old Kesbewa Road0.85
B554Ragama Karagahamuna  (Ragama to Thewattha section)2
B555Access road to Getabaru Temple1.7
B556Madatugama Pubbogama Andiyagala13.26
B557Circular Road - Devinuwara0.43
B558Kosgoda Uragaha Road6
B559Sinhasana Road0.82
B560Council Avenue , Dehiwala0.14
B561Dambulla Kandalama0.8
B562Mirijjawila Sooriyawewa23.3
B563Sooriyawewa Padalangala12
B564Otappuwa Ihalawewa13.8
B565Walasmulla By Pass0.37
B566Nakulugamuwa Kudawella Moraketiara 3.9
B567Weligaththa Lunugamwehera23.6
B568Hurigaswewa Kalankuttioya Siyambalangamuwa 14.12
B569Access to Gampaha Railway Station (Queen Mary's Road)1.16
B570Mudungoda Gampaha (Orutota Road)5.15
B571Approach Road to College of Education - Addalaichenai1.15
B572Addalachenai Alankulam9.75
B573Akkaraipattu   Deegavapi Ambalatharu23
B574Flood ProtectionRoad, Akkaraipattu2.13
B575Kulavadi Central Camp 5.23
B576By Pass Road to Pallikkudiyiruppu village on Akkaraipattu Varapathanchenai Road1.34
B577Belaganwewa Hembarawa Wilgamuwa 11.63
B578Dorape Hiyare8.6
B579Polonnaruwa - New Town - Kaduruwela (Nidahas Swarna Jayanthoi Mawatha)4.61
B580Nikatupitiya Junction to Mapakadawewa Junction8.32
B581Welimada By Pass0.08
B582Gomburuoya - Balapokuna 8.5
B583Mawanella By Pass1.9
B584Lathpandura Molkawa11.78
B585Kaluwamodara Kandevihara 1.09
B586Park Road Matale0.33
B587Sooriyawewa Hathporuwa Moraketiya 13.6
B588Dedugala Dolosbage12.41
B589Hidellana Karapincha (Approach Road to Tea Research Institute -Law Country Region)4.1
B590Udayagiri Rajamahavihara Road1.1
B591Uyanwatta Polgolla Dam 0.6
B592Hettimulla Deewala Ussapitiya12.6
B593Pambahinna Kumbalgama Rajawaka Kapugala28.42
B594Galle Port Access5.2
B595Hunnadeniya Rathmale Radampola Walasgala12.3
B596Uswetakeiyawa Epamulla Pamunugama8.05
B597 Kandawala Katunayake4.5
B598Seeduwa Katunayake3.9
B599Mabopitiya Degalaeriya3.71
B600Meepitiya Ekiriyagala Paragammana5.1
B601Kegalle Siyambalapitiya Dewalegama4.4
B602Morontota Arandara8.3
B603Magmmana Kurupettha Daigala Gurugalla12
B604Paragammana Dikella Atugoda Wanduradeniya14.6
B605Alawathura Yatapana Kotiyakumbura6.15
B606Katuwana - Rukmalpitiya - Hulankanda - Heegoda9
B607Bengamuwa - Molokgamuwa - Galdola9.5
B608Weera Maddumabandara Mawatha0.14
B609Hiripitiya - Galtemwewa14.9
B610Melsiripura - Rambe12.7
B611Thitthawella - Gonagama15.27
B612Ramboda - Pusulpitiya2.38
B613Kothmale New Town Road1.05
B614Battuluoya - Udappuwa - Andimunai 9.23
B615Dambulla - Bakamuna - Kalagahawela32.48
B616Nochchiyagama - Kukulkatuwa19.53
B617Minneriya - Gal Oya14.54
B618Mollipothana - Soorangal14
B619Sardhapura - Kanniya5
B620Kanniya - Illuppaikulam4
B621Atabage - Dunukeulla 7.62
B622Hungama - Thalawa - Middeniya25.37
B623Medamulana - Gonadeniya - Debokkawa11.72
B624Thalawa - Dambarella - Hingura6.6
B625Ambakolawewa - Morayaya - Gonadeniya4.23
B626Polonmaruwa - Beliatta 6.6
B627Dammulla - Weeraketiya10.1
B628Tangalle - Kadurupokuna - Beliatta8.76
B629Walasmulla - Julampitiya 13.1
B630Beliatta - Kirinda13.87
B631Hambantota - Gonnoruwa - Meegahajandura30.3
B632Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery Junction - Biyagama Free Trade Zone (Samurdhi Mawatha)6.77
B633Access Road to Ja-Ela Interchange2.57
B634Access Road to Peliyagoda Interchange2.1
B635Access Road to Matara1.34
B636Akuressa By pass1.76
B638Sri Maha Bodhi Access 3.1
B639Piliyandala By Pass2.865
B641Kadawatha By pass1.8
Total B Class Length7992.95


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